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Eugene Lourie's THE GIANT BEHEMOTH (aka "Behemoth the Sea monster" 1959) movie trailer

Nice monster movie from Great Britain. It is said that it was not supposed to show any real monster except from occasional glowing stuff but the producers insisted upon it. It's closer to the Quatermass series in its primary concept though.

One of the last Willis H. O'Brien film projects.

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Run time 1 minutes 1 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Shadows_Girl - - November 20, 2012
Subject: Great Film!
THE GIANT BEHEMOTH is a great science fiction film from the decade of the '59s. There were others, X-The Unknown (from 1956) starring Dean Jagger, Anthony Newley, and a VERY young Frazer Hines (later to gain fame as Jamie Macrimmon on Doctor Who).

In fact, I must say I still love this movie all these years later. (The British had a way with science fiction that made most of our American efforts look like garbage...which most of them were).

But I would correct one point. There was always meant to be a monster (why else hire Willis O'Nrien?) the film that wasn't intended to have a monster was 1957's NIGHT OF THE DEMON (known in the USA as CURSE OF THE DEMON) which starred Dana Andrews (best remembered for his role as the police detective in LAURA).

THAT was the movie that wasn't supposed to show a monster (Demon) and in which the studio insisted on having one in spite of director Jacques Tourneur's objections.
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